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Captain Ben Chancey

Captain Ben Chancey

Since launching Chew On This Cape Coral fishing charters in 2003, Captain Ben Chancey has been dedicated to delivering an unparalleled fishing experience in South Florida. With a foundation built on exceptional customer service and a commitment to educating anglers about their target fish, Captain Ben brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to every trip. His background as a high school teacher ensures that every outing is not only enjoyable but also informative, making each journey with his fleet an opportunity for learning and adventure.

Chew On This Fishing Charters and Captain Ben have gained international acclaim, featured on major national television networks such as ESPN, The Today Show, and The Weather Channel, highlighting the extraordinary experiences they provide. Further cementing their reputation, Chew On This has become the most-watched saltwater fishing show on YouTube, amassing over 135 million views over 10 years, showcasing the thrilling adventures and big catches that define their charters.

Captain Ben Chancey invites you to discover the Chew On This difference: a fishing charter that combines fun, education, and the chance to create lasting memories—or even become a star on the internet if the cameras are rolling. Join us on the waters of South Florida with Chew On This Charters for an unforgettable fishing adventure.


Captain John Black

Captain John Black

Capt. Black's journey from bass fishing in the serene lakes and rivers of Georgia and Alabama to making waves in the competitive world of fishing is a tale of passion and dedication. Launching his professional career in his late twenties, he dove into the heart of competition through the Bassmaster Series and the Professional Angler Association (PAA) Series, where his skill and perseverance led him to numerous victories and accolades across his illustrious bass fishing career.

However, the allure of the giant fish inhabiting the shallow waters of Southwest Florida eventually captured his heart. Having vacationed in the area throughout his life and pursued these majestic creatures, Capt. Black decided to make Southwest Florida his permanent home in 2008. With years dedicated to mastering the local waters, he now prides himself on guiding his clients to some of the most significant catches of their lives.

Beyond the charter, Capt. Black contributes to the fishing community through his local bait and tackle shop, Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle. Here, he shares his wealth of knowledge, offering invaluable advice to both novice and experienced anglers alike, fostering a passion for fishing within the community.

Collaborating with Capt. Ben Chancey on the Chew On This Show has marked some of the most thrilling moments of Capt. Black's career. His adventures have been showcased on ESPN's Top Ten, The Today Show, The Weather Channel, and numerous other platforms, highlighting the exciting catches and fishing stories that have defined his journey.

Capt. Black's mission extends beyond the thrill of the catch; it's about sharing his love for fishing and inspiring others to believe in the magic of feeling a big fish pulsing at the end of their line. Join Capt. Black for an unforgettable fishing adventure in Southwest Florida, where passion meets expertise, and every catch tells a story.