Beast Fishing Monster of the Deep

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Most Viewed Viral Fishing Video! Book a Charter here In this episode you will see a 500 pound Goliath Grouper landed that looks like a big bass in Sanibel, FL. The Goliath eats a 5 pound Jack Crevalle. This is a 10 minute clip from the “Chew On This” Saltwater Fishing Show hosted by Captain Ben Chancey.

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Best Hammerhead Shark Video Chew On This Fishing Show

Reel Big Fish: Army Soldier KO’s Goliath Grouper Fish! Chew On This

Giant 600 Pound Goliath Bass Breaks Rod! Funny Fail Win

Fishing Show Giant Goliath Big Game Fish Bare Hands!

Fishing Giant Goliath Grouper Jewfish! Going To Work! Chew On This

MEGALADON PREHISTORIC SHARK – but does it still exist

500+lb Monster Hammerhead Shark:

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